Preparing for your Engagement Session...a complete "how-to" on getting the most out of you

It is a topic I cover almost daily with my brides...the question comes in a couple different forms:

  • "What do you recommend we wear for our engagement session?"

  • "Do you have any ideas for where we should take our photos?"

But both of these questions trace back to one singular question that every bride really wants to know, "What can we do on our end in order for us to get the best engagement photos possible?"

I am SO glad you asked!! A well thought out engagement session is one of my very favorite parts of my job. If I am going to be 100% frank with all of you, it is pretty challenging walking into a photo session where the client has not put a lot of thought into their wardrobe, location, appearance, etc. This is because I can take beautiful photos of you with romantic lighting and will pull out ALL the stops to do so, but there are some things that I simply cannot adjust. Moral of the story is the more time you invest into preparing for your session, the more you will LOVE your photos - I guarantee it!!

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session


So, let's start out with attire. Everyone wants to know this first. Think solid colors. Try to avoid those obnoxiously bright colors in your closet and instead opt for the neutrals {creams, tans, light browns}. Color is fabulous IF it is muted {hunter green, navy blue, maroon, dark aqua}. And pastels are beautiful {baby blue, rose pink, mint green}.

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

For the bride-to-be, I would first recommend that you select something you are comfortable wearing. You like dresses? Awesome. Rompers? Go for it. Do you look cute as a button in high-waisted jeans?! Bring it. Do you like big floppy hats or scarves? These photos are supposed to speak to your personality and quite honestly might be some of the only professional photos you two have hanging in your future home in which you are not wearing wedding-day gear. (A lot of clients get their engagement photos and wedding day photos and then the next time they are photographed together is when Baby #1 comes along.) Spend some time curating an outfit that compliments everything you love about yourself, and then curate another one that does the same where you can have some variation in your session.

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

After you have figured out your attire, do NOT forget about the groom-to-be! Do not forget that he is going to be in the photos right beside you!! This is the time to make sure he doesn't bring that gosh awful shirt he wears 4x per week...the time to make sure that HIS clothes are clean and pressed. The time to make sure that he is wearing an outfit that flatters him, as well. Look for a pair of jeans or khakis that fit him well. Find a button-down that complements your outfit and his complexion and be sure to iron it! Make sure he has two outfits that complement your two outfits. Avoid shirts with writing on them like the plague. Try to avoid heavily checkered shirts; lightly checkered shirts are just fine! Try to avoid striped shirts (especially horizontal stripes...c'mon, no one looks good in horizontal stripes!). Do NOT be so "matchy-matchy" that you both show up wearing black tees and jeans, please....I will tell y'all to get back in the car (kidding...maybe). But seriously, it is super easy to spend so much time coming up with your own outfit that you forget about his. Don't let this happen!