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Magen + Mitchell // Andalusia, AL Engagement Session

When I first saw Magen's name in my email inbox, all I could think of was the many, many times Magen and her sister completely beat the socks off of me and my cousin, Mitchell Clark, in the World Championship Domino Tournament in Andalusia every year growing up. We might have beat them once, but I highly doubt it ;) We would always hang our heads when the bracket told us they were our next opponents. I still have a little PTSD from the whole situation (hahaha joking but not really), but, in all seriousness, I cannot contain my excitement for Magen and Mitchell's (not my cousin Mitchell) upcoming June wedding!!!

For their engagement session, we went to Magen's grandfather's farm out near Babbie/Opp, AL. I always love when clients choose a place near and dear to their heart, because the photos will mean exponentially more as the years pass by and as life changes the way that it constantly does.

Andalusia Engagement Photographer

In January and February, I have to go into sessions thinking and strategically composing shots a little bit more than I would have to in, say, June or July. I have to focus more on beautiful lighting than anything, since the landscape is usually all but lush and green. So, needless to say, when Magen and Mitchell walked me into this gorggeouss wheat field with the golden afternoon sun glowing, I was so excited for them!! I knew the photos would be incredible.

Magen and Mitchell were just adorable the entire session and made my job so easy as they laughed and were themselves for most of the session. I could tell that they are each other's best friends, and I love that so much. Marriage is such an amazing and fulfilling journey, and nothing makes it more fun than having your best friend right beside you. I have to give Mitchell mad props for being so willing to entertain all of my {sometimes crazy} requests. Keep it up until the wedding day!! ;)

After some amazing shots out at Magen's grandfather's land, we hopped in our cars and headed down the road to the downtown Andalusia area. (Side note: I am always so proud when I come back to my hometown, as the city looks more and more beautiful each time I visit!) We started off near the Timmerman Building by Big Mike's and then wandered farther down the street toward Alan Cotton's Florist. It was simply a magical little session, and I always love when I am able to hand over a gallery with so much versatility in it!!

Andalusia Wedding Photographer
Alabama Wedding Photographer

Magen and Mitchell, I truly cannot wait until June!! Soak up these next few months as much as you can...they will fly by!

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